Virgo & Leo Compatibility

A Virgo and Leo match is one that starts off a little slow due to some fundamental differences. But at the heart of this love compatibility are two signs that ultimately like and dislike a lot of the same things. Here we have Mutable Earth Sign Virgo pairing with Fixed Fire Sign Leo, a typical case of opposites attracting. But both will appreciate the different things about the other when it comes to making this relationship work. When they focus on their shared goals and their common ground, this slow to start relationship will pick up some speed, and some heat, for a very passionate affair that can last as long as they want!

The Pros

Both Virgo and Leo have a strong like and dislike for a lot of the things that make and break relationships. As a result, this Earth and Fire combination may seem like opposites attract, but they really do have a lot in common. Mutable Earthy Virgo is fussy and critical but really runs as far away from drama as possible. Fixed Fiery Leo is just the same, and is really attracted to this easygoing nature of Virgo. Both signs are hard workers and also really like to be surrounded by beauty and luxury, and so they both appreciate this side in the other. Virgo and Leo both want the same things in love. They are both looking for a long term connection that won't let them down. They each offer this to the other in their own unique ways. Virgo is practical and grounded and doesn't budget much once they've made up their mind. Leo likes this, a lot, and is fixed on the best possible long term outcome when it comes to their passionate affairs.

The Cons

Although there are many similarities and shared goals in the Virgo and Leo love match, there are many differences that threaten its potential as well. Thanks to Virgo, this is a slow to start relationship, which Leo does not have a lot of patience for. As well, both Leo and Virgo have a tendency to be on the critical side. Leo does so with a sarcastic sense of humor that annoys Virgo. And Virgo does so by being overly analytical and critical over the slightest things, a trait that irks Leo to no end. Finding faults in each other could be a regular feature of this relationship, if both parties are not committed to the long term goals. This is where their differences could take precedence in this affair, so the two will have to remember their shared visions if they want this to last the long term.

How To Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The best thing about the Virgo and Leo match is that they both want the same thing, and they both have a strong distaste for drama. If they focus on that, the small and petty things like sarcastic quips and critical humor will be kept at bay and they will be able to work things out. Mutable Virgo is ruled by Mercury and thus will need to keep the lines of communication open for Leo. As well, Virgo could stand to take on some spontaneous energy once in a while to keep their Leo fires stoked. Leo on the other hand could slow down the pace to meet the needs of their Earth bound lover. Overall when this pair can remember these differences, their mutual respect will work together as a team for a very long time to come.

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