Color(s): Dark blue

Affirmation(s): "My life is filled with tranquility and harmony."

About Dumortierite

Dumortierite’s primary chakra is the Third-Eye chakra, which speaks to our spiritual expression and intuitive abilities, helping us find our purpose.

Particularly helpful to Leo, this calming crystal can help us feel supported if we're having issues with confidence and troubled thoughts, making it hard to sleep. Some even claim that this crystal helps them feel closer to mental clarity and their ability to remember things.

Dumortierite also helps us to learn patience, slowing us down enough to find peace in the present.

How to Use Dumortierite

Place a piece of Dumortierite under your pillow to remember your dreams better.

Carrying or wearing this stone will make you feel more connected to your spiritual side and a higher calling. You might also use this if you are studying to aid in mental clarity and memory.

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