Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite

Color(s): Mixed, green, purple, blue

Affirmation(s): "The connection with my higher self keeps me calm and grounded."

About Rainbow Fluorite

For those of us suffering from issues with our memory or being able to maintain our concentration, Rainbow Fluorite could be beneficial. It is a calming, gentle stone you can use to tap into intuition, increase productivity, or just to help you relax and get back to center. 

This grounding and stabilizing crystal's primary chakra is the Heart chakra, which relates to our ability to be compassionate and show forgiveness. 

It can be especially helpful for those under the signs of Capricorn and Pisces, who can often let their dreams and goals grow beyond their means. 

This crystal is also thought to be beneficial for helping those searching for honesty and emotional balance, even helping us let go of negativity.

How to Use Rainbow Fluorite

Because it helps with focus, Rainbow Fluorite is a great stone to keep on your desk or in your workspace. 

You can also carry it with you when you are required to focus, be productive, or let out any tension that is causing you to get overwhelmed.

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