Green Calcite

Green Calcite

Color(s): Green

Affirmation(s): "I enjoy the simple joys of life."

About Green Calcite

Because its primary chakra is the Heart chakra, working with Green Calcite can strengthen our connection

You could also create an "Opportunity Elixir" by infusing your drink with Green Aventurine. Place a small (clean) chunk in your water or tea and let it soak for 30 minutes or more. The energy of the crystal will seep into the beverage and flow into your bloodstream, amplifying its properties. (Just remember to remove the crystal before drinking to avoid any accidents.)

Green CalciteColor: Green to the heart center, giving us insight into what we truly desire and even helping us make decisions.

This stone is connected to our compassion, self-love, and relationships and thought to bring emotional balance. G

reen Calcite can provide assistance if we need to release negative emotions or find relief from feelings of anxiety and stress.

Green Calcite can be very helpful for Cancer and Virgo zodiac signs.

How to Use Green Calcite

Working with or wearing the Green Calcite crystal can offer multiple levels of healing power.

This stone is an excellent energy lifter, so leave it around your home—you could even create a crystal grid with this stone included for an energy boost.

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