Red Jasper

Red Jasper

Color(s): Shades of red

Affirmation(s): "I am open to everything around me and within me."

About Red Jasper

Red Jasper is a form of Quartz, and its energy radiates grounding, passion, and protection. Known as the “Stone of Endurance,” it brings stamina, strength, and courage to the user. Warriors often sought it out in ancient times to encourage these traits on the battlefield.  

Red Jasper is even thought to aid in increasing vitality, which is why its stabilizing and energetic aura is particularly useful for the signs of Aries and Scorpio, who both rely on inner confidence and a drive, unlike most other signs of the zodiac. 

Grounding Red Jasper's primary chakra is the Root chakra, which connects to how we feel about our basic needs and security. This stone is also known as the “great nurturer,” embodying its Earthy energy but in a fiery way.

How to Use Red Jasper

Grab hold of a piece of Red Jasper when you have a difficult situation you are facing. 

You might also use this stone during yoga or meditation, giving you strength and grounding you to the Earth.

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