Color(s): Pink

Affirmation(s): "I use my talents to fill my soul."

About Rhodonite

The sister stone of Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite promotes self-healing to make the world a better place. This stone can help us find it in ourselves to heal from within so that we may be stronger for those who need us. Rhodonite is known to assist in finding emotional balance, forgiveness, harmony, kindness, and passion.  Its joyful and positive energy brings an abundance of love with it. 

This crystal is especially powerful for Taurus placements, a gentle sign who needs firm ground to stand on. 

Its primary chakra is the Heart chakra, which connects to our sense of empathy and relating to those around us. Working with Rhodonite helps bring you towards your higher truth.

How to Use Rhodonite

This stone can be worn as jewelry or placed around the home. A bracelet worn close to the pulse or a necklace worn close to the heart will allow its energy to vibrate exactly where it is intended to heal.

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