Ladder Dream Meaning


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A ladder in our day to day life is used for reaching higher levels and higher ground.

You will not be surprised, therefore, to learn that a ladder in a dream is often a symbol that we are reaching for something in our waking lives.

This could be a higher spiritual state, a career, a goal, a relationship – anything that we are striving towards. The ladder symbolizes the journey that we are on and acts as a fortune-telling symbol in our sleeping world.

The Position of The Ladder

The position of the ladder is a very important part of a ladder dream, as this shows the outcome of your journey.

An Upright/Standing Ladder

If the ladder is upright you could be given a message regarding upward mobility in your social status, relationship, or perhaps your work or career situation.

A Ladder That is Lying Down or on the Ground

If the ladder is on the ground or lying down, something is blocking you from moving upwards. Other clues in the dream will give you an indication as to what this is. Pay attention to who or what surrounds you in the dream, and also your own thoughts and feelings in the dream.

A Ladder That is In The Distance or Too Tall

This position indicates that your goals or social life are a bit out of your reach. This is telling you that you should wait a moment and reevaluate what the expected outcomes and fallback of your plans are.

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Dreaming About Walking Up A Ladder

You may need to go and get a ladder in your dream for something. This suggests that you need additional tools and resources to move upwards to the place you want to be in life.

Sometimes a ladder is also a way out of a precarious situation. Details such as this and the ones surrounding the ladder in your dream will help you to determine what its latent meaning is for your life and specific situation.

If you are walking up a ladder that never seems to end then this is a very good sign! It means you are moving upwards towards your goals and you are willing to put in the tenacity and strength to get there.

This type of dream indicates that you will succeed in business or career-goals that you have set for yourself recently.

Dreaming About Walking Under A Ladder

Because walking under a ladder also has superstitious connotations, this type of dream could be a warning from your subconscious mind that bad luck may be on the way, particularly in regard to your business dealings, and it is important to prepare for it.

Walking under a ladder can also mean that you have a negative mindset about your ambitions. You may be struggling with fear or doubt and your subconscious encourages you to address this.

Dreaming About A Ladder Falling

If you are dreaming about a ladder falling on you or falling off a ladder, it may be that you are concerned about false security in your life. Most often this is a friend or ally that we feel is not who they say they are or have two faces.

If this dream happens to you, pay attention to who is around and who was supposed to be holding the ladder – this will give an indication of who you need to look at in your waking life.

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