You are one of the Earth signs!

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You are one of the Earth signs, TAURUS, VIRGO, or CAPRICORN! Did we get it right? Of course, we did! And if your Sun Sign is not one of the Earth signs, then it is evident that you have lots of earthy energy swirling around inside you, and it’s time to let it forth into the world; or at least, into your living space!

As an Earth sign, you are practical and grounded. You certainly do like attractive and appealing decor, but whether something is practical or not is the most important thing to do. What’s the point of having a fancy-looking iron, for example, if it breaks after six months? What’s the point of a huge bed if the mattress isn’t comfortable?

As an Earth sign, you’re always thinking a few steps ahead, and you’re not willing to compromise on what you want. You can be very stubborn when it comes to creature comforts! At the same time, you want a place of peace, a sanctuary you can return to when the stresses of the world start to weigh down on you.

You like your guests to be impressed by how well you manage your home. You have an excellent orderly way of doing things, and everything is always in its rightful place. In fact, you cannot stand it when you can’t find things! You are patient and will work for a long time to get the dream home you want, and this is something others admire about you.

Keep going, because you will surely get there!

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