You are one of the Water signs!

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You are one of the Water signs, CANCER, SCORPIO, or PISCES! Did we get it right? Of course, we did! And if a Water sign isn’t your Sun Sign, then you clearly have some strong watery vibes going on inside you somewhere. Make no mistake about it. You are watery as can be! As a Water sign, you like your comfort.

You like to snuggle and be as cozy as possible (preferably with a loved one, whether it’s your other half or your dog!). You are the person who isn’t too bothered about luxury, so long as you are comfortable and have a nice home to go to, especially when the pressures of the world weigh heavily on your shoulders.

You like your quiet time, so space is important to you. You cannot stand being confined, so you must have enough room to roam if you do have to spend a lot of time indoors.

As a Water sign, you are dreamy and sensitive, and this reflects in your decor. You like creative arts, paintings on the walls, and anything that feeds your creative and sensitive nature. You are quite a private individual, so showing off your home isn’t a big thing to you.

But for the special people who do get the privilege of spending time in your humble abode, you want them to enjoy it as much as you do, and that’s why your cupboard is always full of unique snacks and teas for your guests to enjoy!

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