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Virgo 10%

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It seems you are not very Virgo at all, so if you are a Virgo Sun or Virgo Rising or any other type of Virgo, then it appears there is another sign – or signs – in your chart that is dominating!

As a 10% Virgo, you do not exemplify the typical Virgo qualities of reliability, dependability, and critical. Still, you do have this rather ethereal quality about you that makes you very special indeed!

Virgo is a mutable Earth sign and ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intelligence. You have a unique type of intelligence and are also highly creative. As a 10% Virgo, it is likely you are spontaneous and not much of a planner. You prefer to go where the wind takes you and just leap in headfirst – something which is a nightmare scenario for most Virgos!

As a 10% Virgo, you have oodles of empathy, and you are likely very interested in the spiritual world, so much that you can sometimes forget about the physical world entirely! It’s times like this that you could really do with harnessing that 10% Virgo energy in you as it helps ground you and bring you back to Earth!

Virgo energy can also help you manifest your wonderfully creative ideas into reality. So if you’ve got a creative project you want to get going, remember that Virgo can help you accomplish this!

You are unique and brilliant – embrace the Virgo energy within and let it guide you on the physical plane!

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