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Wow, you are a true Virgo! It seems you have all the qualities that make Virgo who they are: reliable, sensible, logical, practical, kind, considerate, and helpful. However, for all your many splendid qualities, you have the dark side of Virgo, too! Critical, complaining, pedantic, fussy, and argumentative are some of the Virgo negatives, but it’s no bad thing really – you simply are not you without warts and all, so embrace your Virgo dark side as much as your Virgo light side!

As a Virgo, you like everything to be orderly and in place. The world of chaos simply isn’t for you, and you can’t bear shocks and sudden surprises.

This is the mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury, and you are an intelligent individual who appreciates good conversation. Above all, you are extremely practical! You are one of the best friends to have because others know they can rely on you when the chips are down, whether you’re the friend always carrying to spare bottle of water or the reliable driver getting everyone home safely after a night out.

You like nothing more than to put your feet up and relax, enjoying a warm beverage while you contemplate your future and how you’re going to make your dreams a reality. Remember, you are an Earth sign, so it’s all about manifesting things into reality!

As a 100% Virgo, you have a wonderful way of making others feel safe and secure. What more is there to say, except thank you for being you, Virgo!

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