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Virgo 25%

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Hmm, it seems you have a few Virgo qualities, but other signs likely dominate your chart! As a 25% Virgo, you have the typical Virgo qualities of meticulousness, reliability and can be a little critical of others, too! However, you’re more spontaneous and prone to the unexpected, so this may be why you’re a 25% Virgo!

Sometimes, life can seem like total chaos, and you don’t know whether you are coming or going. In fact, life just seems to be a dramatic rollercoaster, with one intense event after another! That’s when some of that grounded Virgo energy comes into play. Virgo is the mutable Earth sign ruled by Mercury. It helps to keep you grounded and focused when you’re not really sure which way you’re headed. Whenever you’re feeling a little lost or confused, call on the Virgo energy within to bring some level-headed reassurance to you, and you’ll be right as rain again.

Everyone likes Virgo energy because even though it can be a little predictable at times, in a crisis, it always brings a sense of soothingness and helps everyone feel a bit better by keeping things on a level playing field.

As a 25% Virgo, you can be a little unpredictable yourself at times, and you may find yourself delving off into your own little world – sometimes, delving too far into your own little world! Let the Virgo energy within bring you back to reality – you’ll be glad of it in the long run!

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