Your sixth sense is clairaudience!

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You are CLAIRAUDIENT! Have you ever heard voices in your head warning you about someone or things yet to come? Have you ever felt that you were going crazy and just “hearing voices”? Well, you are not crazy. Yours is the gift of clairaudience. You have the ability to hear things that others cannot.

You can hear the voices of spirits, angels, the dead, and all types of entities from other realms. You may even possess the ability to hear people’s voices from other corners of the world or those you know who are not with you physically. This is an extraordinary gift that you have, and it is one that you can harness and hone to reach its full potential.

Practicing silencing your mind and taking notes of the voices that come into your head are good ways of honing this craft. The power exists within you; it is up to you to take control of it. Once you have mastered this gift, you will have a powerful awareness and help yourself and others in ways you may not have imagined.

The crystals amethyst and kyanite are especially powerful in helping you master your gift. The sounds you hear can sound like a jumble sometimes, and your conscious mind may question their reality. But be in doubt no longer as this powerful gift that can change your life for the better.

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