Your sixth sense is clairgustance!

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You are CLAIRGUSTANCE! This is a rare and extraordinary ability. As a clairgustance, you have the ability to taste a substance without putting anything in your mouth. This is a complex and intriguing gift that enables you to tap into the spiritual realm through taste. You can taste the energy of people, things, places, trees, flowers, emotions, buildings, and so much more.

Words to look out for when a phantom taste appears in your mouth are “I can taste something – yuck, what is that?” or “I can taste something, it tastes wonderful!” There are people with this gift who may have been told they are losing their minds somehow. Rest assured, you are not losing your mind! This is a gift from the spirit world, and it has been granted to you for a reason.

This ability enables you to accurately judge the person, area, or object you are around; it can be an excellent warning or indication of what is to come. To harness this gift, you first need to tell yourself that you’re not crazy! Secondly, crystals like amethyst and selenite can really help calm your mind and balance you from within so that you can connect the taste to your thought process.

Your mind will be unruly if you let it, and it will reject the taste as imagination. Get that mind under control and remember that your gift was given to you for a special reason!

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