Your sixth sense is clairsentience!

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You are CLAIRSENTIENT! If you are clairsentient, you have the remarkable ability to feel energy. You can feel the emotions of people and animals, and you can feel the energy of places, land, and things. You are an emotional sponge, and this is one reason why you can’t bear large crowds. They overwhelm you. It is almost certain that you are an empath, able to feel others’ emotions as if they are your own.

As a clairsentient, yours is a truly fascinating gift as you have the ability to read the emotional state of another, whether past, present, or future, and you can empathize with them without them having to say anything. This gift can be challenging as being bombarded with so much energy at once can tire you out.

It is important to take care of your emotional state by taking time out when you feel drained and using/wearing crystals such as black tourmaline to protect you from negative energy and hematite to stay centered and balanced. Learning to master this gift can enable you to help others in extraordinary ways. You can feel their joy just as you can feel their suffering, which makes you a great healer.

Learning to love and embrace your gift is an important part of honing it to its highest ability. Always remind yourself that you were given your gifts for a reason, a divine purpose that will help raise humanity’s energy and the world at large.

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