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You are a MEDIUM! Wow. It may be likely that you have yet to tap into the full potential of this incredible gift. But you are a medium and will have experienced the gifts of mediumship one way or another. A medium is someone who can communicate with the dead and departed, enabling you to bring their messages to the world of the living.

Mediums are highly advanced spiritually, even those who do yet fully understand the extent of their powers. You have likely met some challenges in your life and undergone true suffering. One of the reasons for this has been to open you up to the spirit world and ensure your mind is strong enough to handle the pressures from the ethereal world. Talking to dead folk is no easy feat! You’re made of strong and sturdy stuff, so if you ever feel like it gets too much, just remember that your gift is an incredible one and was given to you for a reason.

You may hear voices from spirits or see them, either in waking form or dream state. Many spirits have unfinished business, and they want to communicate their thoughts to the living. To harness your mediumship skills, meditation is essential as it helps to calm your mind and relax your body. Angel cards can also be a good idea to work with, and crystals such as shamanic dream quartz and dragon stone septarian enhance your natural psychic gifts.

You are a bridge between the living and the dead, and your gift truly is one of extraordinary potential.

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