Your sixth sense is telepathy!

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You are TELEPATHIC! Oh my, move over, Professor X. Your gift of telepathy is as rare and unique as you are. This is no ordinary sixth sense. You have the ability to transfer your thoughts into the mind of another human or animal. Likewise, you can receive the thoughts of others. Have you ever received a thought in your mind that wasn’t yours and appeared to come out of nowhere? Have you ever suddenly started humming a song, and a friend told you they were just thinking of that song or vice versa? Have you ever willed someone to know what you were thinking, and they confirmed it to you?

This is the gift of telepathy, and it is extraordinary indeed. It may be that you have not yet discovered the true extent of your powers; you may even have told yourself you are going mad sometimes or that you imagine things! Rest assured, you are not going crazy. What you can do is very real. You can hone your telepathic skills with practice, and practicing with a friend is especially helpful.

Ask your friend to think of something, then close your eyes and try to imagine what your friend is thinking of. Do this ten times, and then ask your friend to confirm if you got it right. The crystal blue calcite is tremendous for telepathic like you and can help you nurture your skills even more, so wear a piece on your body or carry one with you.

Remember, your gift is a blessing, so use it well!

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