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The sign of Aquarius is two wavy lines stacked parallel to each other


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The Age of Aquarius brings with it technological advances and a deeper understanding of social issues. If you were drawn to Aquarian energies in the quiz, then you’re a humanitarian and you have a genuine desire to leave the planet a better place than you found it. You’re interested in sociology, politics, and environmental issues. You champion the underdog and fight for justice and equality—you may even be a bit of a radical when it comes to making your voice heard. You’ve got a unique and innovative way of approaching problems to find new and even unusual solutions for them. You’re intellectual and spend a lot of time in your own head, which sometimes makes you seem aloof or unfeeling to others. It’s not that you don’t care — you care very deeply — but you feel you must remain detached or otherwise be consumed by the harshness of the world around you. You need space to be who you are and that might cause some to label you ‘eccentric.’ You’re certainly rebellious and progressive! If this manifests itself as creativity, then your self-expression will be as individual and exceptional as you are. Of course, you can’t change your Sun sign simply because you resonate strongest with a sign that’s different to your own. However, by examining your birth chart, you can better understand why you’re drawn to Aquarian traits, and then put that to positive use in your life.

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