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The sign for Capricorn looks like an "n" with a circular tail added to the end


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If you resonated mostly with Capricorn, you work hard and diligently, and like have an above average sense of responsibility. You might have had to grow up quickly, or perhaps you’ve always been wiser than your years. It’s easy for you to become a workaholic and overstretch yourself, seeing this as a way to demonstrate to your loved ones how much you care for them. You show affection by doing something for someone rather than in open displays of emotion. You have a very realistic view of life, taking everything one step at a time, and you won’t be hurried. In fact, the more someone tries to rush you, the more likely you are to dig in your hooves and let your stubborn streak show! You’re not a risk-taker, but you’re often motivated by praise and recognition, so it’s important that you don’t get egotistical or bombastic along the way. Your work ethic creates your luck. You value tradition and experience and will dedicate yourself unconditionally to anything — or anyone — you believe in. You’re not necessarily competitive, but you do like to win, making you a great team player. Your hard work and natural sense of organization will lead you to success. Capricorn’s influence brings hard work, yes, but also high reward. Knowing where the Sea Goat is influencing your natal chart will help you to tap into Capricorn energy so that you can rise to the pinnacle of success.

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