Based on your results you should actually be a Leo!

The sign of Leo features a circle with a curved line and swirl at the end coming off of it.


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Are you surprised to know that your inner animal is Leo’s lion? You like to make an impression, and you are very good at doing it! There’s a lot of ambition, drive, and purpose here — and Leo’s usually have some fun with it along the way! You don’t shy away from attention; you’re quite the natural leader. However, you can be very judgmental of those who have different viewpoints than you, so it’s easy for you to come off as haughty or arrogant. A lot of that is due to the Fixed quality of Leo’s fire and an innate tendency to dominate your situation and environment, whether you mean to or not. You like comfortable surroundings filled with the things and people you value. You like to play, but you can get competitive! You’re generous and loyal, your enthusiasm is contagious, and you’ve got a very romantic view about how life should unfold. You get despondent when that bubble is burst and when others don’t live up to your high standards. Your own birth chart will reveal why you feel so strongly drawn to Leo – take a look!

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