Based on your results you should actually be a Libra!

The Libra sign is a straight line underneath a line with a round hump in it.


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If you were drawn to Libran traits, then you’re drawn to other people. You want harmony and happiness in your life — as well as all the finer things! Libras like luxury, and as such, they often overindulge. You’ll need to keep a hand on your wallet and watch your waistline with these tendencies! You often feel you need a partner in your life to feel complete. Libra traditionally rules the house of partnership in the Zodiac, and as the Cardinal Air sign, Librans are inspired, flighty, and will start more things than they finish. It’s hard for Libra to truly know what it wants and make a final decision; it’s easier to walk away and start something new and exciting than it is to deal with something challenging. You’re drawn to beautiful things and successful people. You’re alluring and charismatic and you have no problem at all with turning on your charm to advance your status or get your own way. You’ll get away with it, too, because you’re simply too nice for anyone to suspect ulterior motives. You may get stuck in gossip, though, because you enjoy a good conversation, and can forget that you don’t need to share everything you know with everyone. To find out more about why you were drawn to Libra, you’ll need to look into your own birth chart and see just how the sign of the scales influences you.

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