Based on your results you should actually be a Pisces!

The sign for Pisces is two curved lines intersected with a straight line down through the middle, similar to an "H."


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If you answered most questions like a Pisces, then you’re a romantic with an idealistic outlook. You’re ruled by your feelings, and when people let you down, your world comes crashing around you. You’d rather live in an illusion of your own making than to face the pain and suffering that reality often brings. You’re very comfortable seeing things as you want them to be, rather than dealing with them as they actually are. Pisces is a Water element, so you’ll take the shape of any vessel you’re poured into. You pick up moods and the emotions of others easily, and empathy comes naturally to you. You’re driven to help others, and this creates a conundrum, for often in helping others you take on their own pain. Your caring nature makes it easy for others to take advantage of you. It’s easy for you to become despondent and sad when things don’t go your way. Your dreamy qualities are well suited for self-expression, and should you be drawn into any of the arts — painting, writing, music, etc. — you’ll find that your fantasy world can serve as a valuable source of inspiration, even if Pisces isn’t your Sun sign! There are many facets in natal astrology that make you a unique individual. The best way to find out why you’re drawn to Pisces is to see how it’s influencing the rest of your unique birth chart!

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