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If you were drawn mostly to the traits of Sagittarius, then you’re humanitarian, curious, and open-minded. You’re also fiercely independent, and you won’t warm to anything or anyone who wants to tie you down. You have to be free to go on your quests, to seek answers, and to learn so that you can continue to grow. For you, relationships are all about sharing, not envying the other person, and you don’t understand jealousy and possessiveness. You’re optimistic and tend to see things from a subjective, rather than an objective, point of view. You see the bigger picture, to the extent that details can escape you — but your positive outlook usually compensates for that! Sagittarius is a Mutable sign, so you’re going to get along with most people, but when someone rubs you the wrong way, it’s easy for you to become grumpy, fast. Your manner of conversing is direct and to the point, so much so that you’re quite tactless at times without realizing it. Patience isn’t your strong suit either, but once again, it’s balanced by a higher-than-average streak of luck running through your life. Of course, the only real way to find out why Sagittarian energy influences you so strongly is to look at your own birth chart and see why it’s calling to you!

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