Based on your results you should actually be a Virgo!

The Virgo sign is what looks like an "M" with a tail crossed over the last line.


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If the traits of perfectionist Virgo dominated your answers, then you are probably known for your analytical thought process and your modest behavior. This doesn’t mean that you won’t act out of character and surprise others now and again. It simply means that you’re more the type to scrutinize all the angles of every possible outcome before making a decision, which also means that, by the time you have finally decided to do something, you’ve missed the window of opportunity. Virgo is a Mutable sign, which brings fairness and impartiality; it’s also an Earth sign, which brings practicality and responsibility. You’ll get things done and leave no detail out once you do commit to moving forward. You probably display some nervous energy from time to time, and if you’re really concentrated in Virgo energy, your stomach will keep score of your anxiety levels. If Virgo is your dominant Sun sign energy, then you’re picky about what (and who) you bring into your life. This can make you come across as self-absorbed, but you’re not, not really. You need to envelop yourself in what feels right. Being health-conscious is another strong Virgo trait. To find out why Virgo’s energy manifests its energy in your life like it does, take a look at your own chart to see what areas of your life this sign influences!

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