You are the Aquarius Constellation!

Aquarius Constellation


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You’re drawn to the constellation of Aquarius! You’ve got the heart of a humanitarian, but maybe not the tolerance levels! You see the bigger picture and want to help the planet to evolve, but you’re not all that keen on getting involved with some of the people, especially those who you feel aren’t as enlightened or educated as you are. You’re drawn to activism and will stand up for justice and equality. You’re not frightened to make your voice heard, but you tend to shy away from emotional attachments. You really need to know someone before you let them close, and the minute that they try to compromise your freedom, they’re gone. Your opinions are strong and the way you approach life is innovative and unique. You think a lot more than you say, and you need to keep a certain amount of distance from the ugliness in the world, or it will consume you. To understand more about why this is the constellation that defines you, look at your natal chart to see where Aquarius and its ruling planet Uranus are found.

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