You are the Aries Constellation!

Aries Consellation


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You’re defined by the constellation Aries! You’ve got a lot of passion and drive, and it’s aching for you to express it more often. You may not be ruled by Mars, but there’s a lot of that fiery energy bringing you a sense of adventure. You know what you want, you’re independent and often impatient. You don’t shy away from hard work, and you play hard, too. You have a lot of confidence and a lot of self-esteem and there’s not a lot that deters you. You easily take the lead; in fact, you’re a much better leader than you are a follower. You might lack the tenacity to see things through to the finish though, something you should work on. Not everyone could get away with your boldness, but you’ve got the charisma and the cheek to pull it off. So, where does Aries fit into your birth chart? Its position – and that of the planet Mars – will reveal a lot about why you were drawn to these answers!

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