You are the Cancer Constellation!

Cancer Constellation


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You’re defined by the constellation Cancer! Your home life is pivotal to your happiness, and everything needs to be just so or you get very sullen and needy. Perhaps you play the traditional role of the homemaker or the breadwinner in some way. You love to nurture and feed people and cooking might be one of your pastimes. You feed people emotionally too, by helping them to feel better about themselves. You are intuitive and more likely to pay attention to your hunches than to logic or reason. In fact, you can be very unreasonable at times, especially when your feelings get hurt. You’re so sensitive, and once you’ve been hurt it is often hard for you to open up to someone. You’re naturally affectionate and friendly, and you know how to turn on the charm to get what you want! Where is Cancer – and its ruler, the Moon – in your natal chart, that this constellation resonates with you so strongly?

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