You are the Libra Constellation!

Libra Constellation


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You’re defined by the constellation Libra! You’re social and charming, and you want to fill your life with beautiful things. It’s easy for you to overindulge when it comes to opulence. You’ll have to keep tabs on what you spend and what you ingest, or you might find yourself with issues that need work later on. It’s hard for you to know exactly what you want and even harder for you to make a definite decision regarding it. It’s much easier to depend on someone else for that, but that’s not as rewarding as if you empowered yourself. It won’t be hard for you to find someone who will do that, either, for your smile and your charisma usually ensure that you get your own way. You’re so pleasant as you’re turning on the charm that others won’t even realize they’re being manipulated! Your natal chart will show you what area of your life is influenced by Libra, and studying that – and also the planet Venus, which rules Libra – will reveal much more about why it is the constellation that defines you!

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