You are the Pisces Constellation!

Pisces Constellation


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You’re defined by the constellation Pisces! You’re romantic and have a dreamy outlook on life. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you live your life not by what you know, but by how you feel. When people disappoint you-as they invariably do-you sink to the depths of despair. You’d rather live in a fantasy world of your own making than in the harsh reality of the real world, and you very often escape to that place. Yours are the rose-coloured glasses – you see things as you want them to be rather than how they truly are, but that only leads you to more disillusionment when those glasses eventually come off. You pick up on the moods and emotions of other people and places easily and need to learn to shield yourself if you’re going to be able to function optimally and avoid being taken advantage of. Your best tool for coping with life is your creativity. To find out why you’re drawn to Pisces, check out your natal chart to see where it – and its ruling planet, Neptune – are impacting your life.

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