You are the Sagittarius Constellation!

Sagittarius Constellation


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You’re defined by the constellation Sagittarius! You’re curious, open-minded, and have a global consciousness that fuels your interests. You hate conventionality, don’t like to be tied down, and value your independence. You resent anything or anyone that clips your wings when all you want to do is travel and learn and explore. Relationships are often difficult, because it takes someone special to really get you. You can’t stand jealousy or envy, you view life through an optimistic lens and lose your cool when people are pessimistic and try to drag you down. You often skip important details in your haste to see the bigger picture, but you usually seem to land on your feet. You’re open and gregarious, but sometimes a bit tactless. Patience isn’t your strong point, but your above average luck tends to balance things out. To find out more about why Sagittarius is the constellation that defines you, explore your birth chart for the area of your life where it – and its ruling planet, Jupiter – have the greatest influence.

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