You are the Taurus Constellation!

Taurus Constellation


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You’re defined by the constellation Taurus! You like the simple experiences that life has to offer, and the physical pleasures of the senses. You enjoy indulging in good food and other gratifying encounters, but the keyword there is indulge. You may be too fond of earthy rewards! You have to take care not to do things to the extreme; you might find your waistline expanding or your bank balance shrinking if you don’t! There’s a stubborn streak that runs through you, too. You don’t like being told what to do, and the more someone pushes you one way, the more likely you are to push back the other. You appreciate beauty and try to see it in at least some aspect of your life, and you won’t hesitate to surround yourself with a bit of luxury. You’re patient and hardworking. To find out where this constellation influences your life the strongest, see where it – and its ruling planet, Venus – fall in your natal chart!

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