You are the Virgo Constellation!

Virgo Constellation


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You’re defined by the constellation Virgo! You’re known for your powers of observation and the way that you analyze things-over-thinking them to a fault, sometimes! You’re both encouraging and critical, and even though modesty is a strong point, you’ll surprise everyone else now and again by acting completely out of character. You know how to have fun, but you’re frequently too reserved to just let go and be. You have to know every aspect, every detail, of any plan before making a decision regarding it, and that drives others nuts at times! You’re responsible and pay close attention to every element of your life. If you get too stressed – which often happens – your stomach keeps score. You’re fussy about all aspects of your life, but that’s because you want quality and control. In order to really understand why Virgo is the constellation that dominates you, look to your natal birth chart for where Virgo and Mercury (which rules Virgo) are making an impact!

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