You Need Aquamarine!


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You need aquamarine! Not only is this stone one of the most cooling and soothing of the blue stones, but it’s a great companion to have if you’re trying to learn something, or if the stress of exams and research is starting to get you down. Aquamarine helps you to retain information, and works with the throat chakra so that you communicate clearly, and also have the ability to really hear what others are telling you. It’s a good stone to wear as a protective amulet when you’re travelling, too. The energies of aquamarine are humanitarian and help you to cultivate compassion, moderation, and responsibility. If you’ve got a lot on your plate, aquamarine helps you to keep your cool as you deal with all of your obligations. If you have relationship issues, wearing aquamarine will enable you to remain calm and understanding while working out your differences. Wearing aquamarine helps to cleanse the emotions and restore peace so that you can deal with what life throws at you.

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