The World Tarot Card Describes Your Life Right Now!

The World

The World

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“The card that represents your life right now is WORLD!

The final card of the Major Arcana is where the Fool meets his end – and it is a truly joyous one. If the World has shown up as your life representative card, you are truly blessed. This is the card of ultimate achievement and great fulfillment. Your hard work is about to pay off, and your desires are to become a reality.

What is it that you have been striving for? The challenges you have met have not been easy, but your strength and determination have proven you can weather any storm. Now the World is here to let you know it is time to reap the reward. This is the card of realizing your goals and accomplishments. It is a card of community and harnessing your innate talents to benefit the world around you.

Your compassion and diligence are rightly bringing you good vibes from the Universe. The more you give out, the more you receive in return. When the World shows up, count your blessings, for they are many. This is a card for savoring what you have achieved. Sit back and enjoy the rewards and praise that come, for you have earned it.

This is a card for practicing gratitude, for there is much to be thankful for, and for quietly reflecting on how out of all storms comes goodness and heightened awareness and compassion. Embrace the energy of the World – you are here, you are fulfilled, and you are, most importantly, you, in all your magnificence.”

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