Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Describes Your Life Right Now!

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

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The card that represents your life right now is THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE!

When the Wheel of Fortune shows up as your life representative, you are at a crucial point in your destiny. The wheels of fate are turning, and you can’t jump off the ride, even if you want to! The Wheel of Fortune is an extremely powerful card in your spiritual journey. It is a time to recognize that opportunity will be found by accident, miracles are on the horizon, and chance encounters can lead to lifetime partnerships.

You are exactly where you need to be right now, and the Universe is in charge at this point. The harder you resist, the harder it will be. Sometimes, the most excellent form of victory is surrender. Not surrendering in the sense that you are giving up. But surrendering to a greater force than yourself and recognizing that as the wheels of fate turn, then so do we.

Relinquishing control is something that all of us find difficult. Finding the balance between having enough self-control to thrive and having too much control to the degree that it harms ourselves or others is a truly difficult balance. The Universe will intervene when we are steering from our soul path.

So when the Wheel turns up, know that you are being steered back towards your soul journey and that you are on the right path! Don’t be surprised by the turn of events – surprises are a regular thing when the Wheel of Fortune shows up.

Embrace its energy – you are where you need to be!

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