Chiron has the most influence over your life!

Illustrated planet Chiron has shades of grey and black showing texture and pits on the planet's surface


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Being influenced by Chiron is both a blessing and a bane! Chiron, a minor planet, is a fairly new addition to astrology, discovered in 1977 along its erratic orbit between Saturn and Uranus. You’re original, very empathic, and you see deeper into most situations than many of your peers and colleagues. You’re generous and strong, and even when your own life is full of challenges or sadness, you’ll still reach out to others, to make sure that they’re doing okay and have what they need. You know what it is like to hurt, to feel abandoned or maybe even betrayed by those you loved, and you don’t want anyone else to have to experience that. Your childhood may have been painful, but you have matured to see that it’s just part of what makes you who you are. There’s no blame, only forgiveness and compassion. You know that holding a grudge only hurts yourself in the long run, and you’ve learned how to let things go so that you can move on, no longer attached to them. You have a valuable lesson to teach to others about grace and the laws of karma; now if only they’d just listen…

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