Mars has the most influence over your life!

Illustrated planet Mars is hues of red, brown, and orange and depicts the texture of the planet with pits, valleys, and darker marks


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Mars was the god of war, and with this planet guiding you, you’re dynamic and assertive. You are a ball of energy, adventurous, and you sometimes take more risks than you need just to prove a point. You’ll always champion the underdog and you’re full of ideas. The problem with that is that you lose steam before you have hit your goals, because you’re easily distracted. Try to be more of an entrepreneur! That way you can come up with the ideas and set things in motion and then get others to do the grunt work to get the project finished while you move onto the next enterprise. You’ll get frustrated if you get bored, and you’ll take it out on others, which isn’t how to win friends and influence people! On the whole, you’re gregarious and optimistic, even if there is a stubborn streak of independence running through your veins.

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