Mercury has the most influence over your life!

An illustration of planet Mercury that shows its pitted, and speckled grey surface


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Just as Mercury was the winged messenger of the gods, you’re both communicative and swift – well, at least your mind works quickly, anyway! You’re always thinking something, there’s always some brain chatter going on. You’re acutely aware of your surroundings and are able to adapt to them easily. You enjoy a good debate, and like to meet new people, go new places, and learn new things. Others may think you superficial, lacking in depth, and while that may be the case sometimes, it’s not always so. You put on that ‘class clown’ personal as a protective layer; if people don’t get too close to you they can’t hurt you. When you care, you care deeply and passionately, and when you hurt, you’ll fall to the depths of despair trying to work out what went wrong. Fortunately, nothing gets you down for long, and you’ll soon bounce back with a smile and a joke, ready to assume the role of the social butterfly once more.

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