Neptune has the most influence over your life!

This illustration shows a dark blue orb with some lighter blue texture in the middle


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Neptune is the king of the sea, and just like the deep oceans, there’s a lot that is mysterious and hidden about you. You’re not usually one to wear your heart on your sleeve, but when you do, you open yourself to vulnerability and susceptibility. You’re incredibly creative in some way, and this might manifest itself in one area of life or in several. You have quite the imagination, although you have to make sure that you’re not making your entire life a fantasy land. Using that inventiveness to come up with new ideas is one thing, but using it as a form of escape is quite another. Life is harder for you than it is for others, because you’re so very sensitive. You hate it when there’s discord, and might even self-medicate in order to withdraw from the harshness of life in any way possible. You’re fantastic at spinning an illusion and captivating the attention of others. You have to make sure that the illusion stays an illusion though, for if you buy into it too much, it will become an alternative reality for you, one that may be difficult to escape.

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