Saturn has the most influence over your life!

This illustration shows the yellow/brown/green planet Saturn with its rings circling around its round middle


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Saturn is associated with ‘Old Father Time.’ Another name for the god Saturn is Cronus, which is associated with time, like in the word chronological. You don’t make things easy for yourself, do you? Saturn is a disciplinarian and a control freak, and that spills over into your life. You like things done a certain way, and when that doesn’t happen, you get a bit testy. Chill out and ease up a little. Most of the stuff you fret about isn’t going to have any lasting impact on the world, anyway. When you’re on a role, you bring stability and security into the lives of everyone you touch. You value tradition and convention, you deal with authority well, and you’re dedicated and persistent to causes and pursuits that you believe in. Your presence restores order where there was chaos, you make the most of your assets and talents, and if you can just loosen up that little bit so you learn from your previous experiences, you’ll find that life’s pretty amazing after all.

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