Uranus has the most influence over your life!

Illustrated planet Uranus is a light blue circle with a darkened black shadow on the left side.


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Uranus in Greek mythology was the god of the sky, and as your influential planet, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what you’re capable of doing and what you will do! Like Uranus’ slow and erratic orbit through the skies, you can be pretty unpredictable at times. You have a unique way of looking at things and your fascination for life is contagious. You’re probably drawn to things that are unconventional and a bit different, and there’s surely some aspect of technology or gadgetry that delights you in some way. You’d rather throw the traditional ways of doing things out of the window and find an alternative method, although sometimes you’re a bit ruthless in what – or who – you cast out, and that impatience will be your downfall. You bring a lot of intrigue and enticement to the lives of those who are close to you. You’re about a subtle as a hurricane with a touch of hippie and mad scientist thrown in for good measure! You have to have your freedom and independence at all costs, and that makes personal relationships hard for you at times.

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