Venus has the most influence over your life!

An illustration of planet Venus shows its orange and yellow surface covered in various textures


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Oooh, you old romantic you! With Venus guiding you, you’re indulgent and like harmony and pleasure in your life- especially if that pleasure is shared. You feel a bit lost if you’re on your own, and you enjoy the closeness that intimacy brings. You’re that unique combination of strength and tenderness. Venus was the goddess of the hunt, and you’re not afraid to turn into the hunter or the huntress when you’ve set your eyes on something – or someone – that you want. You appreciate beauty, like to pamper yourself and your loved ones, and you’re incredibly sensual. You like refinement, and want to mirror that in your own life by surrounding yourself with beautiful things and beautiful people. Now, if you could only start to be more decisive about your preferences rather than dithering first one way and then another!

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