Based on your results you should actually be a Taurus!

The symbol of Taurus is a circle with a curved line on top.


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You’re all about reward if you’ve found yourself mirrored in the traits of Taurus! Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, a Fixed Earth sign that rules the 2nd house. You like your physical pleasures, your creature comforts, and may indulge in them in excess now and then. The more sensory an experience is, the more you’re going to immerse yourself into it. You’re down to Earth to the point of being pragmatic, and you’ve got an obstinate streak running through you, thanks to that Fixed quality. You like beauty, harmony, peace of mind, and although you’re pretty practical, you do like a bit of luxury. You’re devoted, romantic, and traditional, but you do have some jealousy that comes along with that stubbornness of yours! Your friends probably describe you as patient and dependable, even if Taurus isn’t your Sun sign! Of course, your personality is much more than your Sun sign. To know why Taurus calls to you, then look to your natal chart to see where its influences lie.

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