5 Easy Ways to Use Runes in Everyday Life

We understand the importance of metaphysical tools at Astrology Answers. From crystal healing, to smoke cleansing, to Tarot reading and everything in between, we know how crucial our special tools and talismans are to our spiritual wellbeing.

There are hundreds of tools to choose from, and the only requirement for an efficient metaphysical tool is that you feel a connection to it. And the best part is that you can use most, if not all, of these tools in conjunction with one another – Tarot decks can be cleansed with sage smoke, and Tarot readings are amplified by the energy of crystals.

The tool that we will be focusing on today is ancient runes, which are small slabs of stone, crystal, or wood with engraved symbols that contain meaning.

Runes are akin to portable, simplified Tarot cards, and they can guide you towards the answers you seek in the same fashion. And like Tarot cards, you can draw one rune at a time or create a personalized spread – the choice is yours.

Runes can help us find comfort and answers during the most difficult astrological transits, guiding us through retrogrades and Saturn returns. They are used for divination – and have been for thousands of years. Developed prior to the Latin alphabet, the Runic alphabet is divided into two categories- the Elder Futhark and the Younger Futhark. As you might be able to tell, the Younger Futhark was created following the Elder Futhark, and acts as a reduced version of the original Runic alphabet.

The Younger Futhark is more common, especially when used in rune work. Most modern rune sets contain 24 runes, corresponding to the Younger Futhark, ready to help you find the answers to the questions you seek.

Reading the runes is easy and effective, connecting you to your spirit and making the runes an invaluable addition to your metaphysical toolbox. Keep reading to find out how to easily incorporate runes into your daily life.

Before you start, check out our rune stone dictionary to use as a reference.

1-Rune Draw

There are many ways to use the runes, and the one rune draw is perhaps the easiest. This method will help you get more acquainted with your runes without making you feel overwhelmed.

First, begin by closing your eyes and focusing on the question at hand. Once you feel the question pulsating through your body, it’s time to grab your runes.

Simply take your pouch of runes and mix them up as well as you can. From here, you can get creative. You may wish to splash the runes out in front of you and see or feel which rune “jumps out” at you. You might simply place your hand in your bag of runes and feel for a rune that seems warm or magnetic. When you feel or sense that a rune is calling you, separate that rune from the rest—and now you have your answer!

The Full Rune Spread

Place a silk scarf on the table or floor in front of you and place your runes, face down, on top of the scarf. You’re still going to be performing a one rune spread, but this method allows you to feel the energy of each rune before choosing.

Wave your right hand, the receiving side of your body, over the runes before you. Pay special attention to any sensations that you feel, or any warmth that radiates under your hand. With your eyes closed, move your hand until you feel drawn to stop. Open your eyes and pick up the rune closest to your right hand. This is your answer! It is useful to compare the results of your reading with your daily horoscopes.

The Grid

For this method, you’ll once again be using all of your runes, but in the shape of a grid rather than a scattered spread. Take your pouch of runes and once again gently mix them up as well as you can, visualizing and focusing on the question to which you need an answer.

Once you feel moved to, spread your runes out, face down, in an 8 x 3 grid, placing three runes across and eight runes down. You should now have three rows of runes.

The first row represents your “Yes” row. The second row represents the answer, “No,” while the third row indicates, “Maybe.” Again, close your eyes and wave your hand over each rune, paying special attention to any sensations you experience.

When you feel called to, stop and grab the rune that your hand landed over. Take note of the row that this rune comes from, as this is part of your answer. The symbol on the rune will further explain, perhaps letting you know why the answer was “yes” or “no.”

3-Rune Draw: Past, Present, & Future

This is where we include astrology and dive into a more advanced rune reading. Like a 3-card Tarot spread, this rune spread involves three runes that represent the past, the present, and the future—a runic timeline.

Once again, gently and thoroughly mix the runes in your pouch, focusing on your question. Think about how the past might have led you here, where you are in the present, and where you want to be in the future.

Now, draw three runes that feel magnetic or seem to be jumping out at you. Place one rune on the left, representing the past, one in the middle which represents the present, and one rune on the right, representing the future. Look up the symbolism for each rune and digest your answer.

4 or 5 Rune Draw: Discovering Your Timeline

As a human being, you’re probably curious about when certain things will happen: When will I be promoted? When will I meet my soulmate? When will I move into my dream home?

A 4 or 5-card runic draw can help you with these kinds of questions. The first four runes will represent a week of time each, with the fifth rune representing the overall picture or outcome.

To complete this reading, follow the same steps for gently mixing your runes as above. Then, one by one, draw five runes that seem to jump out at you or that feel electric.

The first rune will represent the first week, and so on, with the fourth rune representing week 4 of this timeline. The fifth rune will give you a better idea of the situation as a whole.

Rune Magic

Runes help you connect to your higher self, that part of you that holds the deeper answers to your external questions. As you work with the runes more and more, you’ll become more comfortable with and knowledgeable about their results.

By continuing to use your runes, you’ll develop a relationship with them, much like you do with a deck of Tarot cards. Keep working with them, infusing them with your own unique energy and wisdom.

If you still need to pick up a rune set, try this beautiful set of amethyst runes from Astrology Answers. These runes possess the healing energy of amethyst and the spiritual knowledge of the runes.

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