Black Moon Lilith in Aries: Assertive, Aggressive & Wild

Black Moon Lilith just entered fiery Aries a couple days ago, and will be in this Fire sign until mid-October. If you think things have been wild already, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

This is a position that the novice may not be too familiar with, but it’s a point of power that shouldn’t be ignored. So, let’s get you informed on Black Moon Lilith!

What is Black Moon Lilith?

Technically speaking, Black Moon Lilith is the apogee (the highest point) of the Moon, which is basically the farthest point away in the Moon’s orbit that the Moon is from the Earth.

Also, technically speaking, there are 3 different Liliths in astrology, though they all link to the same meaning:

Black Moon Lilith is the most commonly used and seems to have the greatest impact.

There are also 2 Black Moon Lilith positions, Mean and True. The movement of Black Moon Lilith through the zodiac is, shall we say, wonky! True Black Moon Lilith is the exact position and all its wonkiness, while Mean Black Moon Lilith is the averaged-out position. I focus more on True Black Moon Lilith in the natal chart and use Mean Black Moon Lilith in transit (it’s really difficult to follow True Black Moon Lilith in transit).

In the natal chart, the sign and house placement of your Black Moon Lilith can show areas where you have a hidden inner power, can become empowered, and can stand up, but you often experience opposition when you do. Lilith is strong in its own way, and others can be threatened by that strength, but Lilith usually pushes through anyway.

In transit, Black Moon Lilith can impact your ability to speak out and stand up. Time to shout, time to push back, time to rise! On a personal level, you’ll find that the areas of life ruled by the house in your natal chart transit Black Moon Lilith is touring gets this energy.

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Lilith Mythology

To understand Black Moon Lilith, you have to think about the story of Lilith. Lilith was the first wife of Adam in the Garden of Eden, but refused to be sexually submissive to him, and was kicked out and replaced by Eve (who, being made from Adam, had to be submissive to him). Don’t get me started on this story! Oh Adam, oh Adam, he would definitely be considered a jerk now!

Anyways, Lilith held her ground, and even though she was punished for it (well, was she really, maybe she was spared having to be with the now-jerk?), she held firm. This is where the power associated with Lilith comes from. She was equal to Adam, made from the Earth, same as him, and she wasn’t going to let him take that away from her. Lilith can show us knowing our power, our value and worth, our positions and beliefs, and not being willing to let others steal it from us.

Black Moon Lilith links to a lot of other stuff too: sexual desires (since she did stand up to Adam for not wanting to be sexually submissive, I find her to be pretty sexually independent), crazy mothers (because after she was kicked out of the Garden of Eden, some of the stories have her going cuckoo and killing babies), and witchiness (Lilith is considered one of the original witches since her name translates to ‘night hag’, which comes from the Old English word meaning ‘witch’).

Black Moon Lilith in Aries Impact

Black Moon Lilith was in Water sign Pisces starting in May 2019, which is much quieter, shyer, and not so in-your-face as Aries. Lilith was riding with Neptune for a time as well, amping up the Pisces energy since Neptune is the natural ruling planet for Pisces. Standing up and speaking out was done in more subtle ways, trying to keep things from going too sour and not upset everything too much.

Aries, on the other hand, does NOT work that way! Aries is bolder, louder, and energized. It’s enthusiastic and always ready to GO. This sign is assertive naturally, let alone when Black Moon Lilith is in this sign. Talk about not putting up with any funny business!

Black Moon Lilith in Aries will no doubt make us want to shout. We’ve been quiet for long enough, now it’s time to act! Maybe we make a mess, and maybe we start fights, and maybe things get heated, but maybe that’s what we need. This can feel especially the case right now as Black Moon Lilith just entered Aries and is at a special point in the sign until February 5th, giving even more energy.

Special Considerations with Black Moon Lilith in Aries

Adding even more to the energy right now is Chiron, an asteroid ruling wounds but also healing. Chiron is also in Aries, and will be for all of 2020. Black Moon Lilith is riding with Chiron through March, so for the next 2 months or so, we’re really feeling those wounds, those old hurts and past grievances, but we want to do something about it now. It drives us to take action, and this can be used very positively if we control the energy and not let it control us (so no lashing out irrationally).

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We have the Capricorn stellium for much of 2020 with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto together in Capricorn, and Black Moon Lilith in Aries is square the Capricorn stellium. While we’re focused on our goals, our plans, and building major structures in life thanks to the Capricorn planets, we may also be struggling with some challenges externally thanks to Lilith. There may be naysayers everywhere we turn, and we have to be strong and hold firm (and avoid burnout!). This is exact late July through September, so that’s when we can feel it most.

And at the end of Black Moon Lilith in Aries, Mars, the natural ruler of Aries, will also be in Aries, and actually retrogrades in Aries later this year. Mars enters Aries at the end of June, connects with Black Moon Lilith in August, and then turns retrograde in September and connects with Black Moon Lilith again while retrograde. Mars is going to give major energy and drive to Black Moon Lilith, and there is likely going to be a massive increase in aggression. This can turn into hostility and rage if we don’t have positive, productive outlets for it; or it can turn into necessary and incredible fuel if we do.


Black Moon Lilith in Aries is sure to be a wild ride for the next 9 months! Full of energy, ready to take a stand, no longer willing to let things slide.

Don’t let the fire consume you – channel the energy and be Lilith!

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