Saturn Direct Love Horoscopes: How to Have “the Talk” & Win

​Ewwwww….it’s time for “The Talk.” It’s that moment in our relationships when we know we need to move forward, but don’t know how to do it, or don’t want to do it….yet. Much of that procrastination comes from Saturn being retrograde.

Saturn is the serious taskmaster of the planets, one of the planets that deals with karma, and one with that ticking clock reminding us of deadlines, projects, and every day responsibilities. Saturn is not always the planet we think to call on when we want to romance somebody or elevate our love lives. But if we want to finish 2019 with a solid lock on love, and we do, then we need to put that commitment procrastination on the back burner.

We need to make the karmic choice to get serious, or not. Should you stay or should you go? Should they stay or should they go? A decision needs to be made. Just committing to that decision is the hardest part. As Saturn turns direct, we’ll walk you through it with today’s Saturn direct love horoscopes to help you launch – “The Talk.”

We balk at the chance to commit or have “The Talk” because we worry our partner won’t meet us on the same page. So what? Do you want a commitment in love? Then you need to have that conversation. You win no matter how it goes. Either it finishes with you being in a committed relationship, or it ends with you safe in the knowledge that the one you are with is not ‘The One’ you are meant to be with. And that’s okay. Taking charge of this conversation is important for you to propel yourself in love the way the Universe wants you to.

How Does Saturn Direct Nudge “the Talk”?

“The Talk” doesn’t have to be scary. In fact, it isn’t when you know you are going to win either way. When you launch “The Talk”, you tell your partner, and your Self, that you are the Captain of your Fate. You are the authority on what you need – and now is the time to be true to who you are. If you want the commitment, you have to go for it. And if you don’t, then you have to be true to who you are with so that you are being karmically fair to your partner. When you do that, the Universe launches a chain reaction that helps you get closer to The One, whether they are there now, or not.

In romance, Saturn is the father figure telling us what we need to do to maintain a healthy relationship, and keep it going to stand the test of time. But for the past several months, Saturn has been retrograde, and this has had us all procrastinating a little bit. We just want to have fun! And sometimes that means our duties slide, even in love.

So if you’ve been wanting to rewind time and reboot love, now is a good time to start taking that seriously. Saturn turns direct on September 17, and this gives us the energy we need to bring some forward motion on the commitments in our relationships. Whether you want to move forward with someone, or without them, the only way you are going to do this the right way is by having, “The Talk”.

But “The Talk” is scary. So we are here to help you take that next step. No matter what zodiac sign you are, here’s how to launch “The Talk”, and get the answers you need in love, one way or another. These are simple tips, nothing to over-analyze here. Commit to a decision. Should you stay or should you go?

So let’s get to it!

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Aries – Stop Procrastinating.

As the Cardinal Fire sign, Aries, you usually think you have it in the bag and are the boss of everything. With Saturn direct in Capricorn in your tenth house of public image, people are watching. If you aren’t handling your love responsibilities right, people will talk.

Here’s how to do it: Just ask. And pile on the romance. “Honey, let’s go out for dinner tonight, I want to do something nice.” You don’t need a million dollars to win here. You just need to see what your partner needs. Start by asking them what they want to do the day you want to have “The Talk,” and that first step will take you miles further towards your destination in love. Be sure to let them do most of the talking at dinner as well. Time to stop procrastinating.

Taurus – Set a Deadline.

You have Saturn turning direct in your ninth house of adventures, Taurus, and this has you thinking big about your responsibilities in love. As the Fixed Earth sign, you are so ready for this. But Saturn direct in your ninth house has you thinking far and wide. And your mind may be going in one million directions at once. Rein it in. Set a deadline. You’ve been thinking about it and thinking about it and thinking about it all Summer. Harvest time! The little things you’ve been thinking about all Summer long can become the big things, and can become the greatest things. Set a deadline. If you can’t commit to having, “The Talk” by then, you aren’t ready. And that will give you what you need to know to either stay or go.

Here’s how to do it: A little road trip with a lover is a great chance to expand both of your minds when it comes to the future. You can either go away for a weekend to a lovely B & B, or just hit the road for a little day adventure. “Honey, let’s hit that open market on the 5 we’ve been meaning to catch, I really want to spend the day with you.” And we’ll let you take care of the rest.

Gemini – Make it or Break it Time.

Saturn direct is working in your eighth house of transformations, Gemini, and this is the time of the year when you need to decide, one way or the other. Your eighth house is a very karmic house of secrets and change, Gemini, and you are literally at the fork in the road. It’s time to make a decision that is based in integrity. Or, it’s time to go the other way and hope for the best. That’s not the road we recommend, but it will be the easy way out, and you know how we feel about that. Saturn is saying, your rebirth awaits. Either way, your closure is on its way. You spend a lot of time wondering what to do. Now you know. Close the deal or move on.

Here’s how to do it: Your eighth house often has a lot to do with finances, in addition to secrets and transformations. So one way to lock in “The Talk” is to open up a financial channel. Move in with someone, share a credit card, or even open a business with your amour. Or even just start talking about it. Saturn will be direct here for some time, so you don’t have to start dating and propose moving in on the same day. Start dropping hints and see where it goes. And if someone else is, and you just aren’t on that page yet, you need to pony up some truth. And say it exactly like that, Gem. “I think you’re really great, but I’m just not there yet.” Or, “Hey, are you ready for this step or should we slow down the pace now?”

Cancer – Speak Softly.

You have Saturn direct working in your seventh house of relationships, Cancer, and this is your opposite sign working with you now. This could be really amazing, or just the opposite. So it’s time for you to sign the dotted line, one way or another. With Capricorn being your opposite zodiac sign, your partner will likely not be shocked no matter how you broach the subject. Whether you are dining casually over McDonalds or at a 5 star Michelin restaurant, you will have a very easy time locking it in. Your only problem is that you have a chance to get a little bossy, as a Cardinal sign, and Capricorn is a Cardinal sign as well. You need to remember that your lover is your partner and not your employee.

Here’s how to do it: As a Cardinal sign, you have the advantage of being able to be direct and nobody will notice or care because anybody that loves you is already used to that. In fact, your partner loves this about you. But this could also be your biggest pickle too. So speak softly, lead with love, and remember your partner has words they want to say to you too. Be responsible with your partner’s feelings, and you will find commitment time comes sooner than you may think.

Leo – It’s the Little Things.

You have Saturn turning direct in your sixth house of details, Leo, and with detail-oriented Virgo getting a lot of love right now, details matter in every single way. When it comes to love, it’s going to be all about the little things. Do the dishes for your partner, or just pick up that random little trinket or gift that you know will make them blush. Or something else that doesn’t even cost a single thing. Right now, to make a commitment stick, or to make “The Talk” work, your partner is looking to see that you are paying attention, and care about the little things in your life. So start there, keep it consistent, and you will see things roll nicely along.

Here’s how to do it: You want to start noticing and honoring the little things in your partner’s life right now, and not showering, but just sprinkling little bits of attention here and there. You are Leo, right? Flattery is your middle name. So do that too! Notice her new earrings, compliment his job prowess, and just be supportive of those little things that come up in daily conversation. This is the Pre-Game strategy to “The Talk.” When the moment is right, and you will know when it is, it will be Game time. And you will find that someone is VERY receptive when you do! That gets you one inch closer to locking it in when you are both ready to get into Game mode. Game on, Leo!

Virgo – Live, Love, Laugh.

It’s time to have fun, Virgo, real and true fun. Multiple planets are in your sign right now and will be for be for a little while longer. Saturn turning direct in fellow Earth sign Capricorn is working your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment, and this is also your house of true love. Children themes are often associated with this house as well. So this easy, breezy, feeling that you feel when serious Saturn turns direct in your house of play is the theme you want to focus on. You will resist this, because Saturn nudges your productivity bone. But when it comes to love, this transit is telling you to just take it easy a bit. That is not to say that you can’t be successful with “The Talk,” but you of all signs will be just taking it less seriously than others. Or you should be. Having fun can be productive too, Virgo. And that’s what you need to focus on. That light-hearted fun energy that you find in honeymoon aspects of romance. THAT gets you closer to the serious parts of it.

Here’s how to do it: Lock in the commitment potential in your love game when you enjoy the little fun things in life, Virgo. Tell jokes, do things that are steeped in nostalgia with your partner. Just stoke those pleasure zones. When you do, you build a foundation with your partner, whether it’s someone you’ve been with for years or are just starting out with. Having fun is key to any successful relationship. So try to build those building blocks now, and Saturn direct is going to make this one go the long haul. “The Talk” will come natural to both of you when you do.

Libra – Bring Out the Domestic Side

You have Saturn direct in your fourth house of home and foundations over the next several months, Libra, and this puts the emphasis at home. Over the Summer, you’ve been a little lax on home responsibilities, and this may have had an impact on your relationship. Now is the time to get down to the brass tax of it. With this you are going to be keeping things at home and looking for a relationship that fits into that, as opposed to trying to make your relationship fit your lifestyle. And that’s how it should be. When you remember that, you are going to win in the commitment game well before 2019 ends.

Here’s how to do it: If you are trying to have “The Talk” with someone, and it hasn’t really felt right yet, now is the time to start nurturing that domestic side. Home is where the heart is, Libra, and with your fourth house lit up with Saturn direct, tending to home responsibilities and bringing that nurturing side of you into love is going to lead you right to commitment. Cook your lover a home-cooked meal and stoke the fires of family and home, and you will see the energy for “The Talk” arrive easily. Don’t be afraid to begin throwing hints about moving in together, or even doing a real estate deal. When you do, you will see commitment talks increased on a grand scale.

Scorpio – Lead With Feelings Words.

With Saturn direct in your third house of communication, Scorpio, you are dialing it up when it comes to “The Talk.” You start off in this transit with communication as your hidden superpower to begin with. You already have the power of communication on your side. Now you just need to use it to lock in that sought after commitment. The only thing you need to work on now is opening up a bit more. You have a tendency to be the mysterious one in love. So if you don’t have the commitment now, find a way to let your partner know. You will be single for as long as you keep them guessing.

Here’s how to do it: You may not have said the “L” word yet, but now is the time to start doing that. Don’t freak out! Saturn direct isn’t a one day transit. So start dropping seeds now that use the “L” word. “I love the way you leave me notes on the fridge every day,” or “I love that sweater on you.” It’s not that love isn’t natural to you, anything but. But saying those words to someone is scary for any zodiac sign, even you. Warm the both of you up by leading with feelings words, and watching the natural path they take for you in your life.

Sagittarius – Show You the Money!

Most zodiac signs don’t really combine love with money matters until well after “The Talk”, but right now you are in a different position, Sagittarius. Saturn is turning direct in your second house of earned income, and this is going to inspire you to get more responsible with your finances. When you do that, your partner will feel like you are as commitment worthy for them as you want them to be for you. This is not so much a case of joint finances, but it could be about finding a better job, improving your credit rating, or just working on your financial game overall. This is an area that has been slacking for you lately, and your partner may consider you a risky commitment investment if they think this is your overall financial personality. We know it’s not, Sag. But you just need to pull up the bootstraps for a bit and you are a winner!

Here’s how to do it: You need to go about this the natural way, Sag. Announcing to a lover that you’ve been paying your bills on time every month is the surest way to raise their eyebrows, and not in the romantic way. Start showing your lover through small ways that you have your financial game in order, and then you will be a worthy investment to them. Start picking up the tab for things, make your gifts just a pinch more extravagant, you know the drill. Get your financial game en pointe and you win in love too.

Capricorn – To Thine Own Self Be True.

Saturn is turning direct in your sign, Cap, and that means that you are on the cusp of some exciting new beginnings. At the same time, you are the one that is leading all of the changes when it comes to love now. If you want a commitment, start with just asking for it. Summer may have had you getting a little lazy with some of your love responsibilities, but now is the time to start taking charge of them. Your partner is waiting to see where you stand in love. So take the lead, but also, be true to who you are and what your responsibilities are. Don’t tie your identity into your relationship. If you are, that’s why you are wondering how to launch “The Talk” with someone. Be real, be you, and don’t be afraid to show some feelings. You are loved, and now you just have to accept that you love your Self too, and your partner will feel more completed in this relationship.

Here’s how to do it: This one is an easy one, Capricorn. Just be you. To win in anything in love, you can’t pretend you are something that you are not. It’s okay to ask for what you want and need in love. That is how love works. Catering completely to their side of life is going to create an unbalanced situation. So lead with love and lead with your sense of Self in love. In time, you will see a nice thing percolate. You may not even need to launch “The Talk” yourself. Your partner may be so attracted to how you are true to yourself that they want to stick with that forever. Lead with YOU, Cap! It will work.

Aquarius – Pay Attention to Signs.

You have Saturn direct working your twelfth house of endings and karma, Aquarius, and this is going to put some forward motion on endings. At the same time, this is your house of spirituality and you are feeling some heavy emotions as some chapters come to a close. Throughout these emotions you will feel a heavier presence from your twelfth house guardian angel, and this angel is whispering some signals to you. You may not be paying attention. Feelings are not always your forte but these are going to feel easier under this transit. Your twelfth house is sending you some clues as well. Are you paying attention? When you do, you will find love talks, including “The Talk,” come so naturally.

Here’s how to do it: Just look for signs. And also, ask for help from your angel. Clues and cues about how to start the launch are everywhere. And if you aren’t sure what to do with that, again, just ask. When you hear that song or see that movie you both love, or even see a movie poster of the movie you both love, that is your spirit guide sending you some clues about how to launch “The Talk.” Bring these clues and cues to your partner, and you will see “The Talk” happen naturally. Be serious and responsible about it and it will happen precisely when your spirit guide is hinting at. When you connect with your lover on a spiritual level, this is not just “The Talk” you are launching, but a way of life you both are going to share together.

Pisces – Get Your Social On!

Saturn direct is working in your eleventh house of groups and friendships, Pisces. And this means that getting your social on in love is going to be the way to your lover’s heart. When your lover sees you getting responsible about managing a balanced life, they will want to be a part of it more. So reach out to group connections to dial up the social factor in your lives, and include your partner in it. Volunteering with a partner for a cause you both believe in is another way to deepen bonds and strengthen your connection. But just putting yourself out there socially will help you both more, and also, your relationship.

Here’s how to do it: To launch “The Talk” using your social energy, it’s important to start as friends first in love, Pisces. Remind your partner of the simplest basis in love. Connect with each other on common ground, social connections, and just be friends first. Then, bring each other into your social realm and social game. When your lover sees you in this light, they will want to be part of your own life more. Be friends first, and remind your lover of that, and you will see this thing blossom into “The Talk,” sooner than later. Be friends first, but don’t stay in the friend zone too long is your only other cautionary tale, Pisces. And if you do, keep your karma clean by being honest with all parties.

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