Saturn Direct in Capricorn 5-Card Tarot Spread

​On September 18th, 2019, Saturn turns direct. So what does this mean and how can we use the Tarot cards to use the energy of Saturn to help our lives become more prosperous and fulfilled?

For the last five months, Saturn has been in retrograde. This has been a very karmic time for us and when Saturn is in retrograde, our karmic debts are dealt with according to our behaviors and actions of the past. If our actions have been true to our life path, then rewards are not uncommon; if, however, our actions and behaviors have been a false representation of what we know in our heart to be right and true, then harsh lessons come our way. Saturn is a strict and harsh teacher, but ultimately the lessons we learn are all for our greater good.

What does Saturn Direct in Capricorn Mean for You?

This is a great time to harness discipline and consider your goals and what it is you hope to achieve! Saturn is the planet of ultimate self-discipline and Capricorn is the sign of hard work – put the two together and amazing things can be accomplished. There may be some challenges on the way, but if we are willing to put in the hard work and learn from our mistakes of the past, Saturn will not fail us.

How Can Tarot Help?

Aside from checking out our daily Tarot on a regular basis, performing a Tarot card reading in conjunction with Saturn Direct in Capricorn can be incredibly helpful in assisting us with the Saturn energies about to circulate. It’s an exciting time this month because we also have a Full Moon in Pisces will bring added insight into all we hope to achieve.

Below is a Tarot card spread you can use for this upcoming Saturn Direct!

Saturn Direct in Capricorn 5-Card Tarot Reading:

Question: How can Saturn direct in Capricorn help me?

Shuffle the cards and pull out the five-card spread:

  • Card 1: A lesson from Saturn Retrograde to carry with you (This card represents an important lesson you will have learned during the last Saturn Retrograde from April to September this year).
  • Card 2: Something to leave behind or release (This card represents what it is you need to let go of in order to move forward successfully)
  • Card 3: A persisting problem or obstacle that must be faced now (This card represents the karmic aspect of Saturn where we must face whatever is holding us back or standing in our way, preventing us from moving forward)
  • Card 4: The source of your strength (This card represents what gives you strength and the ability to see things through)
  • Card 5: What will emerge (This is the outcome card that shows what will happen for us throughout this Saturn Direct)

Below is an example of this reading so you may better understand how to do one for yourself!

Card 1: 6 of Pentacles. The 6 of Pentacles is all about giving and taking in equal measure. In this position, this card may show there was an imbalance here during your time in Saturn Retrograde – were you taking too much and giving too little in return? Were you being overly generous and allowing people to take advantage of your time, money, and resources? Ultimately, the 6 of Pentacles is about generosity, fairness, and equality, so this is an important lesson for you to take with you into Saturn Direct.

Card 2: Ace of Pentacles. So far, this spread is pointing towards a situation heavily influenced by money. As the card representing what needs to be let go of to move forward, the Ace of Pentacles indicates someone needs to let go of the desire for money – money may be sought simply for the sake of money rather than for the good and usefulness it can engender. It may be time to reshuffle priorities.

Card 3: The Devil. This card strongly points to materialism and addiction. In this reading, the addiction is to money. The original desire for wanting to obtain money may be lost; instead, the reading suggests that money is desired through greed and little else. The Devil is the obstacle that must be faced and this forces the reader to go deep internally and question their true motives and desires. Consultation with the Higher Self is advised as the Devil represents everything that exists in the physical world, which seeks to block the Higher Self from flourishing.

Card 4: The Emperor. Great discipline is indicated with the Emperor. This person has excellent self-control and the ability to go far in life. It appears that this person certainly has all the makings of success, but the other cards indicate that somewhere along this path they have lost their way. They are, therefore, urged to use the strength and discipline of the Emperor to reanalyze their goals and move them towards a higher, purer ambition.

Card 5: The World. A powerful card for success in every possible way. This indicates that the reader will take the lessons on board and work hard to succeed. This does not necessarily indicate financial success in this type of reading, but rather a success where the person feels whole, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. The World augers great success in any reading.


Remember to keep an eye on our Instagram page today to check out a live reading using this Tarot spread to see how it works in action.

Saturn Direct in Capricorn brings with it the chance for great success, but first, we must recognize what is holding us back and how we can move forward successfully and as the very best version of ourselves. By harnessing the power of the Tarot and using the different Tarot card meanings to interpret our own situation, we can use this wonderful energy to create a life of happiness, fulfilment and satisfaction.

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