Full Moon in Pisces 4-Card Tarot Spread

Get ready for a powerful Full Moon in Pisces on September 14th!

The energies of this particular Full Moon are transformational and can be life-changing. Otherwise known as the Harvest Moon, this is the term granted to any Full Moon closest to the Northern and Southern Equinox on September 22nd. It is called the Harvest Moon because it represents a time when everyone is ready to gather the harvest – and this Full Moon in Pisces can certainly be associated with harvest for each of us in our own individual ways!

The Moon loves being in Water signs. Her natural home is in Cancer, but with any Water sign, she feels in her element. Here, among the watery depths of Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, the Moon’s natural disposition for intuition, femininity, nurturing, mystery and magic is empowered, having a potent effect on those of us on earth.

With the Full Moon in Pisces, we are awakened to the spiritual world and our Crown chakra is activated. Our emotions are incredibly powerful at this time. We still have the recent Black Supermoon influencing us, forcing us to confront the dark side within ourselves. With the Full Moon in Pisces exerting its powerful energy on us, we have the choice to decide which way we direct our feelings and emotions: do we thrive with them, spreading love and compassion in abundance? Or do we sink into our ego, allowing our negative qualities to take the rein, watching them amplified under the Moon’s influence? The suppression or misuse of our emotions at this time can also lead to weakened intuition, which goes against the natural energies of the Moon. Therefore, we may wish to be careful when it comes to our feelings and employ some of the powerful Virgo energy currently circulating, which encourages analysis and critical thinking. Thinking before we speak and taking a deep breath before we act can help us harness our intuition effectively, as well as motivate us to manifest our dreams into reality.

For this is a magnificent time for manifestation! The masculine energies of Mars and the Sun in Virgo give us a “Just do it!” attitude which motivates and propels us, while the feminine energies of the Moon in Pisces help us tap into our innermost hopes and dreams. A combination of the two can literally transform dreams into reality.

Using the Tarot for Full Moon in Pisces

You can never go wrong with a bit of help from the Tarot cards! The Full Moon in Pisces brings a deep, spiritual and sensitive time for us. It can be challenging fully understanding the messages the universe has for us or finding our way through the spiritual maze, but a Tarot card reading can give us greater insight and help us clarify a few things. Here, we’ll be looking into the overall themes of this upcoming Full Moon, which is about realization, transformation, acceptance and sacrifice. The various Tarot card meanings can help you understand the energies of this Harvest Moon and how you can harness it to work best for you.

The reading is explained below:

4 Card Spread for Moon in Pisces

  • Card 1: A cycle coming to completion/an ending (This card represents something in your life that is coming to a close)
  • Card 2: A prevalent or salient emotion (This card represents the most powerful emotion within you which will have an important effect on you at this time)
  • Card 3: What must be released/sacrifice (This card represents what you need to let go of to move forward)
  • Card 4: What will emerge/grow (This card represents what will happen as a result of this transformation)

So, let’s do an example reading below!

Card 1: 2 of Cups

As the card that represents something coming to a close, this shows that an emotional relationship is reaching an end. This could be a romantic relationship, a friendship, a work relationship – even a relationship you have with yourself! If it is the latter, it may be a conflict you have within yourself that you are no longer happy with (I.e. being unhappy with your job but forcing yourself to do it anyway; the 2 of Cups here indicates you will sever ties in this area and tell yourself, “Right, I’ve had enough, I’m not doing it anymore!)

Card 2: 5 of Cups

As the card that represents a prevalent emotion, the 5 of Cups is a powerful card for grief and loss. This would indicate that the loss of the relationship indicated in the first card is causing you much sadness and devastation. Familiarity is a powerful thing, especially when accompanied with deep, true feelings. The 5 of Cups is a card of mourning for something that has gone. However, with this card is it important to remember that the man who wallows in grief in the picture still has two cups standing; this shows us that all is not as bad as it seems and the man can still see light on the horizon, if he looks up to find it.

Card 3: 6 of Cups

As the card that represents what must be released in order to move on, this shows clearly that nostalgia and memories are holding the reader back. Wallowing in memories run the risk of forever drowning in them. However, the 6 of Cups shows us that without the release of these memories, it can have negative consequences for us in the long run, leaving us trapped in shadows of the past. This is the advice card – to grow and move forward, one must be able to let go of what came before.

Card 4: The Emperor

As the card that represents what will emerge from this transformation, the Emperor shows a powerful person who has mastered themselves and their surroundings. This is the ultimate pinnacle of transformation – to transmute the pain and suffering into strength and fortitude. If the reader is able to see the pain through, without resistance or struggle, they will find themselves rising from the ashes and becoming stronger than ever before.

Ultimately, this reading is one of hope and strength. Challenges and difficulties will arise, but the reader has every ability to face them, learn from them and grow from them – as the final card shows us.


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This upcoming Full Moon in Pisces is truly something special and it is up to you how you wish to harness its magical energy. Being aware of its potent effects can help prepare you and look for little signs that transformation is on its way.

Whatever the transformation is, it will be for the positive in the long term. Checking out your daily Tarot online can also be a big help in assisting you with riding the waves as we near the Harvest Moon. The Moon’s lunar energies want to help and guide you; sometimes her lesson may not be the easiest, but in typical nurturing fashion, she has your best interests at heart.

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