Best Ways to Cool Off This Summer, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

It’s summertime and the Sun is shining, the weather is warm and it’s time to have fun! But what can we do about the heat? Regardless of your personal powers of manifestation, chances are you, like the rest of us, are unable to control the weather. Our only option is to find awesome ways to chill out and cool down, and we’re letting astrology help!

Let’s take a look at the best ways you can cool down this summer, based on your sign!


You have a warm personality as it is, so you are in desperate need of some icy entertainment this summer. Because you have a competitive streak, this is the perfect time to gather your friends and family and dual it out with a water balloon or water gun fight. You’ll get to cool off and show off your skills at the same time.


You like to have fun, but you also like a bit of routine. This summer, step up your smoothie game. Starting the day with an ice-cold, strawberry-banana or kiwi-lime smoothie will perk you up while cooling you down. Bonus points for keeping you full for hours — hello, summer bodies! Try adding in fun herbs like mint or basil for added flavor and health benefits.


You are insightful and intelligent, and we want you to stay cool while stimulating the senses, in true Gemini fashion. This summer, get yourself a couple extra ice cube trays to play with. Experiment filling them with different combinations of fruit and water — like strawberries and blueberries — to keep your drink extra cold while adding flavor and nutrients.


You are a domestic goddess, ruling over your home like a queen over her castle. You can’t bear muggy, sleepless nights of tossing and turning in your own hot and sticky bed. Get yourself a bed fan to keep your sheets nice and cool. These nifty, little fans fit right between your bed and your sheet to keep cool air moving all night long.


Your attitude is fabulous, like your personality, and you need a way to cool off while flaunting your fabulousness. Make the ridiculously inexpensive investment in a small, paper fan. You’ll be swimming in style like a modern-day geisha with your fan in hand, and it will keep you cool in the warmest summer days.


This is a great time to connect with nature, yet sometimes it’s simply too hot. Get back to your roots with an all-natural, green tea toner to mist on your face and keep yourself super cool. Simply brew green tea, pour it into a spray bottle, refrigerate for a couple hours and you’ve got yourself a portable, gentle, cooling toner.


Librans love to be surrounded by beauty, so I’ve got a project for you. Take this time to jazz up your ceiling fan, painting ornate images or simple, geometrical designs. On hot days, you’ll enjoy swirling visions of color, while during the winter you’ll be left with a beautiful work of art.


Scorpios are ruled by water and like to spend their time near bodies of water whenever possible. This is the perfect time to find a local lake, river or public pool that is swim-worthy. Dive in, cool off and splash around in your sign’s element. You’ll feel like you’re home, and you’ll escape the heat for a while!


You like new experiences, so why not try a winter activity during the summer? See if your local skating rink is offering summertime ice skating! This is an awesome way to beat the heat, get some exercise, and celebrate a beloved pastime.


You’re always on-the-go and working, so you likely drink yourself plenty of coffee. Try filling your ice cube trays with coffee for the best iced coffee you’ve ever tasted. The best part is, when these ice cubes melt, they don’t water down your morning java.


You’re inventive and you do a lot of creating and working on your smartphone. Kill two birds with one stone by grabbing yourself a fan that plugs directly into your phone! This personal, phone-operated fan will keep you cool without interrupting your flow.


You’re ruled by water, but you might not be within driving distance of an ocean. Try cooling off in your own abode with an icy cold bath. With a couple of sliced cucumber over your eyes, you’ll connect with your element in style—and all while cooling off!

You can also get creative this summer and find your own unique techniques for cooling off, but this astrologically inspired list will help you beat the heat with the stars on your side.

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