What Sex Position Are You, Based on Your Sign?

Looking for some inspiration when it comes to your bedroom moves? Surprisingly, in this new world of readily available – well – everything, many of us still don’t have a lot of ideas or confidence when it comes to thinking up or testing out different sexual positions. Everyone has their own taste of course, but with so many options out there, we thought we’d look at how your astrological sign can help influence your enjoyment in the bedroom.

Don’t forget that each sign also rules a certain area of the body, and we are thought to be more sensitive in these bits. When it comes to sex, paying close attention to each sign’s particular body part while you get busy can have more dramatic effects. That said, you should always communicate with your partner just in case those areas are ultra-sensitive in a not-so-nice way.

Today we’re going to have some fun exploring sex positions tailored to your zodiac sign. Get out there and have fun experimenting!

Note: Many of these links go straight to pictures of how to do these positions. Heads up.


Okay, you knew one of the signs was going to get the sex tape, right? It has to be lusty Leo, the adventurous and spotlight-loving sign of the lion. Leos love attention, and to be able to apply their creativity and get a chance to perform while giving pleasure to someone they care about can bring them great joy.

While no position would be bad per se, if you seriously want to watch this later, you want to choose one that will portray both of you in the kindest light. It seems hot in your head, but doing upside-down moves with a lot of bouncing may not show off your best… ahem… assets. The Pinball Wizard would be a great one to try – you get to see everything that’s going on, and with your slight backwards bend, the camera will capture you looking even sleeker in the tummy area!

How do I do it? Person 1 channels their inner yogi and gets into a bridge, resting fully on their shoulders. (Watch out for neck kinks!) Person 2 enters Partner 1 in a kneeling position. This position will allow both of you to wink voraciously at the camera, and the penetrative partner can do whatever they like with their hands!


Virgos rule the digestive system and often have issues with their tummies. If your partner is a Virgo, avoid problems when you get into it by making them soothing ginger or chamomile tea while you start to ease them in and once you’re there, softly stroke their stomachs. Virgos are associated with the 6th house of health and are known to be clean freaks. Planning ahead to have soft, clean, fresh smelling sheets and making sure all of your nether regions are…well… tidy, will set the tone for an incredible night.

Don’t expect to have a one-night stand with the sign of the virgin. While Virgos are sometimes referred to as the prudes of the zodiac, that’s simply not true. They just have high standards and aren’t willing to give anything away to someone who doesn’t earn their respect and trust. Once you do, Virgo can be a sensual and serious lover. Try the Zen Pause, so they can focus their considerable attention on you.

How do I do it? This is a neat one straight from the Kama Sutra that allows you both to take a moment during intercourse to pull closer and enjoy the excruciating feeling that comes about when you stop your natural rhythm. Once penetration has occurred, slowly roll onto your sides. The penetrated partner wraps their leg around the back and hips of their partner to pull them closer. Hug each other tightly and listen to your breathing while you increase your intimacy.


Flirtatious Libra rules the kidneys, skin, and buttocks, so extra massaging and touching of these areas should provide a little extra kick for the sign of the scales! Libras seek harmony and connection in their world, so finding a position that splits the effort while both partners get equal stimulation and satisfaction will certainly reward everyone involved. To pique your interest and meet your needs, try the X Marks the Spot position. You will be facing each other, and there is ample opportunity to pull closer, gaze into each other’s eyes and touch your partner’s body.

How do I do it? Have one person lie on their back with their ankles crossed and knees pulled up against their chest. Add a pillow under the head. Kneeling with their legs together, the second person pulls their partner’s hips onto their lap. As they enter, the person laying down should keep their thighs tight for maximum snugness and use the chest of the upright person to get more leverage to move around to both of your likings!


The Seated Scissors. Scorpios will love this intense position because it’s you who is in control. You determine the pace, the intensity and the depth of penetration, all while teasing your partner with a tantalizing view of your front and back. You can even turn slightly to shoot them sly looks, increasing your reputation as mysterious and seductive. Scorpio rules the sex organs, so you will be extra stimulated by rubbing, caressing, and pressing against your most sensitive areas. While this position doesn’t require acrobatics, it is more adventurous than some positions and the fact that you are turned at an angle allows for an even deeper connection.

How do I do it? With one partner lying on their back, the second person gets on top facing away. Think Reverse Cowgirl, but with a twist. While on top, one partner turns at an angle so the horizontal partner’s bent knee is between their legs – you can use this for leverage as well. Partner one can lay back or sit up on their elbows if they want to get a better look!


Threesomes are the new black! Just kidding. Known to be the most adventurous and open-minded of all the signs, it’s probably not a stretch to say you’re the one who would be voted ‘Most Likely to Experiment.’ Sagittarius also rules the hip and thigh area, which is perfect for some lower body stimulation. Spanking anyone?

There are many ways you could interpret the word ‘experimental’ because the options and risks will vary based on where you’re at in your life and relationship. Being more daring could mean you are risky with your environment, sneaking in some public sex, or you could try a raunchier take on an already twisted position. The key here is variety and adventure. For a position, give the Rainbow a try and make up your own variations!

How do I do it? One person lies on their back and pulls their knees in towards their chest with their legs up but not bent. The second person approaches perpendicular to their partner’s body. Supporting themself on their hands and knees if height allows, one partner penetrates at a 90-degree angle. Sounds fun right?


Caps get a bad rap when it comes to fun things like this, which is totally unfair. Think about it: Capricorn is known as one of the hardest working signs, so why wouldn’t they apply that determination in all areas of their lives?

The trick to this Caps is that they usually need to have a real connection and trust in someone before they get vulnerable, and even then, they tend to come across as quite reserved. Taking it slow will let you ease in and potentially take the lead when you feel ready to do so. Go for the tried and true Spoon position, which will allow for a lot of intimacy, but you’re not completely vulnerable because you are facing away from each other.

How do I do it? Both partners lie down on their sides, the person in back with their hips slightly lower than the person in front. The ease and angle of penetration will depend on your heights, flexibility, and bodies, so have some fun playing around, twisting your leg and hips if necessary to allow your partner inside you. Once you’re there, you can go as fast or slow as you like. Increase the closeness with lots of hugging, massaging, and nuzzling of necks!


Rebellious Aquarius wants to push the boundaries and go against the grain. This imaginative and independent sign is also quite analytical and will not be likely to beg for any lovey-dovey action. The water bearers rule the ankles and circulatory system, so get their heart racing with some creative and ballsy moves that will leave them rolling their eyes back – but not in annoyance!

Try the Doorway Play move. It’s a little more difficult and the chances you’ll get caught will increase. This move is about challenging yourselves and you won’t have time to cuddle or hold hands while you’re making it happen, which should please Aquarius. For maximum rebellion, do it in your friend’s car, at a party, or somewhere else a little bit public.

How do I do it? Using the doorway for support, you’ll both be upright for this one. The penetrating partner stands in the doorway with their back rested against the frame in Chair pose. They can balance or cushion their back with their hands (when they don’t have them all over their partner). Person 2 gets in front and backs onto their partner’s lap, straddling their legs and wriggling their hips to achieve penetration. Once you are set, the partner being penetrated leans forward and uses the doorway for leverage, controlling the pace, depth, and timing all the way through!


Foot fetish! Well, maybe not, but Pisces does rule the feet and toes, so directing your attention to those areas can surely prove tantalizing for them. These laid-back people pleasers are ruled by Neptune, the planet of creativity and imagination. Pisces tends to go with the flow, but don’t be surprised if they throw some totally random, fantastic options in there when it comes to sex. You don’t want to totally freak them out, but seemingly shy Pisces will surprise you with their willingness to participate, as long as they are emotionally invested in you. Try the Classic Pump for a little extra kick, and show off your sexy tootsies.

How do I do it? In your best heels, get on the bed in tabletop position, your knees on the edge of the bed. Your partner enters you from behind in classic doggy style, but you bend your knees and let your partner grab onto one of your heels while they get into it.


Never try the same position twice with this impulsive sign. Aries, above most other signs, hates to be bored, so establishing a routine or dragging out your perfected moves will have the opposite effect on them. Aries rules the head, brain, eyes, and face, so maintaining eye contact and stimulating them visually will work in your favour. Aries have the shortest attention spans and they can be explosive in many ways – energetically, emotionally, and yes, sexually! While Aries is an exciting and spontaneous lover, your best bet to blow a ram’s mind will be a fast and flirty, down and dirty quickie in the Lunge position.

How do I do it? With one partner lying on their back with their knees up, the second person straddles on top with their feet on either side of their partner’s shoulders, leaning forward. The Top can balance on their hands, placing them on either side of the Bottom’s face. You can take your time, control the pace and intensity and make this as fast or as slow as you like – watching every reaction on their face!


Sensual Taurus is ruled by love planet Venus and tends to be stimulated by using every one of their senses. While not exhibitionists, bulls can let loose when they feel totally comfortable and are very attentive and patient. They know anything good is worth waiting for – there’s a reason Taureans are known to be fantastic lovers! For a world-rocking experience, try the Rocking Horse position, which will keep you face-to-face close and open to lots of kissing, stroking, and murmuring sexy things with your beautiful voice.

How do I do it? The penetrating partner sits in a cross-legged position, leaning back on their arms or against the wall for support. The second person kneels over their partner’s lap, their thighs hugging them, as they slowly lower down, controlling the depth of penetration. For an added bonus, use lots of lube to make it extra silky and make sure you smell delicious enough to eat!


This sign loves to talk! Geminis need constant stimulation as their busy brains cannot slow down. They are flirtatious, energetic, and have a deep desire to learn and be inspired. With the sign of the twins, you can let loose and try out some dirty talk, or even better – some role-playing.

There are plenty of good moves for this sign, but maybe the best part about it is the conversation you have leading up to the big night. Geminis will generally talk about anything, so get into it and reveal your kinkiest desire. Pirate and slave? Cop and thief? Go for it and pay attention to details – consider your costume and the character you want to portray. The more you get into it, the more exciting it will be! For some inspiration, try the Tabletop Position. You will need a desk, so going with the sexy librarian or teacher scenario where you can do that arm-sweep-the-crap-off-the-desk thing they do in movies may be a good one to test.

How do I do it? One partner sits with their butt right on the edge of the desk/table. Their partner penetrates them while standing and you can vary your own angles for maximum pleasure and role-playing. Lay all the way back or sit up, looking straight into their eyes. Enjoy!


Cancers need to feel a close emotional bond with their lovers and can be quite shy at first. Forcing something crazy and acrobatic on them in the beginning stages will not prove fruitful and in fact, might repulse them! To get physical with the sign of the crab, seduce their minds and hearts first. Try the Lovers Entwined position to give you maximum cuddling, stroking, and kissing throughout your love fest.

How do I do it? Lie on your sides, facing each other. Get closer, closer, and closer, until penetration can occur, your bottom leg between the other person’s and your top leg around your partner’s back and hip. There are ample opportunities to whisper sweet nothings in your ears and to rub and caress each other whole you slowly build to a climax.


While you should have a ton of fun trying out these new moves, remember that good sex is really about making a connection with someone. Without trust, respect, and the desire to please the other person, it’s more likely to be a bust than the delicious lust you are looking for.

Before you push any boundaries, make sure your partner is as excited as you are to get going. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to divulge your deepest desires to your chosen bedmate!

Whatever sign you are, don’t let that stop you – try ‘em all out and then make up your own versions. Now get out there and have some fun!

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